SJR Home and School Association By-Laws

Revised August 2022


The name of this Association shall be the St. Joseph/St. Robert Home and School Association of Warrington Township in the Archdiocese of Philadelphia, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.


The objective of this association shall be to facilitate the mutual responsibility of teachers and parents in promoting Catholic education ideals and the welfare of the school’s children through educational and social meetings.


The Home and School Association shall respect the established school policies and practices as set forth by the Archbishop, the Board of Education, the Vicar of Catholic Education, the Pastors and the School Principal. The Pastors have the responsibility for managing the parish school and this association
shall function only with their consent.


The membership and meetings shall be open to all parents/guardians of all children enrolled in St. Joseph/St. Robert School as well as the school faculty and administration. The school faculty and administration are exempt from paying dues and enjoy nomination and voting privileges. They are not eligible for nomination to the Executive Board.


  1. The elected officers shall be President, Vice President, Recording Secretary, Corresponding Secretary and Treasurer.
  2. The officers shall be elected at the final General Meeting of the current school year.
  3. The term of the office for President and Vice President shall be one year with the Vice President assuming the office of President.
  4. The term of office for Treasurer, Corresponding Secretary and Recording Secretary shall be two years.
  5. The President shall preside at the meetings of this Association and its Executive Board, act as official spokesperson for the Association at the private and public meetings, establish or terminate committees, and appoint chairpersons for committees.
  6. The past President is a welcome advisor for the Home and School Executive Board and is invited to attend meetings of the Executive Board.
  7. The Vice President, in the absence of the President, shall perform all the duties of the President. The Vice President will also be responsible for setting up and maintaining school assemblies in consultation with the Principal. In addition, the Vice President will serve as spokesperson for the committee heads unable to attend meetings.
  8. The Recording Secretary shall keep the minutes of all General Meetings, Executive Board Meetings and Committee Head Meetings. Copies of the minutes of the meetings should be disseminated to board or committee members within ten days of the meeting. General Meeting minutes shall be posted to the school web site. All meeting minutes shall be saved for five years. The Recording Secretary is responsible for distributing the By-Laws to new Executive Board members, whereupon they should be reviewed and clarified if necessary. The Recording Secretary shall also distribute and compile the volunteer sheets at the beginning of the school year. The Recording Secretary is also responsible for collecting membership forms and dues, and heads the Helping Hands to the Corresponding Secretary.
  9. The Corresponding Secretary shall distribute all Home and School Association correspondence. Correspondence shall be saved for three years. The Corresponding Secretary shall also prepare a list of all current board members and titles as well as all committee chairpersons. The Corresponding Secretary will be responsible for the email account ( , sending mass emails and coordinating all gifts on behalf of the Home and School Association.
  10. The Treasurer shall receive all monies and shall make disbursements as directed by the Executive Board and countersigned by either Pastor. The Treasurer shall also prepare a written report relating to receipts and disbursements for the preceding school year for the first general membership meeting. This report should be distributed at the first general meeting. The Treasurer shall also prepare a final report to the Executive Board at the end of the current school year. This report would be used as a guide for the proposed budget for the following school year to be available at each Executive Board Meeting and then be presented to the general membership at each Home and School Association general meeting.


The Pastors or a priest appointed by them shall be the Spiritual Advisor.


The term of office shall begin July 1.


Amendments to these By-Laws shall be approved by the Executive Board and proposed to and voted on by the General Membership. The General Membership shall by notified of proposed amendments a minimum of two weeks prior to the vote. Voting can be conducted in a variety of ways with all eligible members invited to participate. A two-thirds majority of participating members is needed to amend the by-laws.


The Executive Board shall consist of the President, Vice President, Recording Secretary, Corresponding Secretary, Treasurer, the School Principal and both Pastors. The Executive Board shall have full responsibility for the Association’s business, including interpretation of By-Laws, review and approval of committee reports, validation of elections, considerations of suggestions from the General Membership, budgetary matters and other administrative details, including maintenance of the Home and School website. A meeting of the Executive Board shall be held at the call of the President or any three members of the Executive Board. A majority of the Executive Board is required to be present to hold a valid meeting. The Executive Board shall have the right to approve or disapprove the President’s recommendations for vacancies among the officers of the Association.


Nomination forms shall be made available to all members of the Association. The chairperson of the membership committee shall coordinate contacting all nominees and formulating a list of candidates for approval by the Pastors. All nominees must be paid members of the Association and must have a student in the school for the duration of their office. Officers shall be elected at the final General Meeting by a majority of members voting. Voters for elected positions must be members of the Association.


  1. Nomination forms are distributed through the Communication Envelopes.
  2. Nominees must be approved by the Pastors.
  3. Nominees are contacted by the Membership Committee for acceptance.
  4. Absentee ballots are distributed through the Communication Envelopes.
  5. Persons submitting absentee ballots are confirmed as members by the Membership
  6. Election takes place at the final General Membership Meeting with one ballot per membership.


All meetings of this Association shall be conducted according to Robert’s Rules of Order.


The election meeting shall take place at the final General Membership Meeting of the school year. There may be additional meetings during the school year as the President and the Executive Board determine.


  1. No fundraising activities shall be undertaken without the consent and approval of the Pastors ,and these monies shall be expended only with their approval. Membership dues and funds acquired through Home and School Association activities make up the Home and School Treasury. Members of the Home and School Association may be asked to assist with school fundraising projects, but the return from designated activities goes into the School Treasury, which is maintained by the Pastors.
  2. Home and School Association expenditures up to $5000.00 may be approved by the Executive Board without the vote of the membership. Any expenditure voted by the membership must have had prior approval by the Executive Board.
  3. Copies of the Treasurer report shall be given to the Pastors, the Principal, President and Executive Board and also presented to the General Membership once a fiscal year, which is June 30.
  4. The Executive Board may, at their discretion, remit excess funds in the Home and School Treasury to the School Treasury.

ARTICLE XIV – Committees

  1. Standing Committees are appointed for a definitive time (annually). Chairpersons of each committee and the Executive Board members comprise the Home and School Board.
  2. Select Committees are appointed for a special purpose.
  3. The Executive Board shall have the right to create or disband committees and to appoint chairpersons.